Welcome to the Urban Culture course at Avila University created by Susan Lawlor and Dotty Hamilton.  We travel with our students to great cities to explore art museums, engage with the architecture, study the local film and music venues, and experience the ethnic enclaves as a way to learn about the culture of urban spaces and the interaction of art and environment.  It's a fun, intense learning environment.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dim Sung

We all shared these small tasty morsels at a restaurant in Chinatown.


  1. wow, this was so yummy!

  2. I found the last day having dim sum and being in China Town the most memorable activity! I am very familiar with dim sum for I have had opportunities to have it before. Being in China Town allowed us to experience first hand the Chinese culture. I love learning about new cultures. Walking the streets of China Town made me think I was in China itself! Being surrounded by others of a different culture really allowed me to see what else is out there and get a feel of how people of other cultures live their life. I will never forget my first China Town experience!

    Another memorable activity was the food tour. Not only did we get to try the famous foods Chicago had to offer, but we also got a tour of Chicago itself. Ever since I got back I have been craving the deep dish pizza! :)


  3. I really enjoyed dim sum. I had never experienced a meal quite like it. Each item that was brought out was meant to be shared, tasted, and eaten over time. This contrasted greatly with our typical eating habbits in the US where everyone has their own entre and sides. There were also many different flavors and tasty combonations I had never experienced. It was an experience I will never forget.

    Robert Hayes

  4. Dim sum was one of the most memorable experiences for me while in Chicago because although I make trips to Chicago regularly, I had not been to Chinatown since I was a young child and had never gotten a chance to try dim sum! The food was amazing and I found it interesting that most of it was not even what I would normally consider breakfast food. Also, the food just kept. on. coming. As soon as I would finish eating one thing, another would be set in front of me so I tried to at least taste everything. My favorite entrees were the shrimp dumplings and the mango pancakes! After dim sum, I was beyond full and ready to walk around and see what Chinatown had to offer. The experience as a whole was really rewarding because I got further insight into authentic chine culture and the food was sure delicious. I will make sure to make a trip to Chinatown when I visit Chicago in the future because this experience was one to remember.

    Andrea Gove

  5. Dim Sum was about as far as I have gone outside my box when it comes to food. If I had advice for anyone enjoying Dim Sum for the first time it would be to be very hungry and not to worry about what they were eating. The assortment of Asian cuisine was almost overwhelming when it came to the amount that was set at our table. The dishes were very delicious but at some point I began to not know what I was eating. The textures and tastes were some of my firsts and were a experience in themselves to eat. I really enjoyed stepping out of my box and trying all the food. I would say out of everything on the trip this was the most culturally intense parts. I would definitely go back and would like to enjoy even more foods of the cultures of Chicago!

  6. Dim Sum was full of the most delicious and variant flavored foods I have ever tried. The experience in itself was incomparable. At first I did not believe I was going to get full off of the small pieces of food they would bring, but then I noticed that they brought tray after tray after tray of different kinds of food. I love trying new foods and this type of food is one of the top on my list of best foods ever. They were very polite, respectful, and best servers I had ever had. I made sure to try at least a little bit of everything that was presented to us. It was a whole new culture experience for me and the best way, I feel, to get to know a culture is through the stomach.
    -Atenas Ramos