Welcome to the Urban Culture course at Avila University created by Susan Lawlor and Dotty Hamilton.  We travel with our students to great cities to explore art museums, engage with the architecture, study the local film and music venues, and experience the ethnic enclaves as a way to learn about the culture of urban spaces and the interaction of art and environment.  It's a fun, intense learning environment.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Last Morning in Chinatown

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  1. Angela Davenport 10/28/13

    I think we ended our trip to Chicago very well! I enjoyed every moment of the trip, despite, having a little bit of a panic attack on the boat ride. I am grateful for the experience because I had never been to Chicago. I cherish new experiences because I believe that every experience happens for a reason and the things we learn now may be of some use in the future. I must admit that I was nervous eating Dim Sung because sometimes I can be a picky eater. While the food was being brought to each table I made sure I tried everything even if I was unsure of how the food would taste. After eating there, I can officially say that I would love to go back again one day! Overall, I had a wonderful time in Chicago. I enjoyed each restaurant we ate at and each activity that was planned. My favorite event that we went to was the improv show. I don’t usually watch a lot of comedy, but while we were there I laughed so hard that I was in tears. Thank you Dotty and Susan for showing me a great time! I plan to visit my dad in the near future and I have already made plans for the places we will go once I get there.